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EDR/HDR/Human eye

For years my wife has been telling me she is partially color blind and repeatedly proving it with regular arguments about what color something is. She has a bit of an odd ball color issue where she can not see subtle variations of colors. What does this have to do with cameras you are likely asking, That's ok it does seem kind of random.

While having a conversation with a friend that popped up while I was in the process of sorting my wife's craft beads, I grabbed my cell phone and took a quick snap of what I was doing and explained why. Much to my surprise that quick snap gave me a world of insight into my wife's visual acuity and color perception. The limited dynamic range of the cell phones digi cam presented an image that showed very little and in a couple places no difference in the color of the beads. For the first time in my life I was actually seeing the beads the way my wife sees them.

It is truly interesting that a simple digi snap could teach me so much while at the same time promote a number of questions, most of which pertain to dynamic range. I can't help but to wonder if my dynamic range acuity is just wider than others or if my wife's is simply narrower than others? Is there any consistency in how people perceive color range? Is the known dynamic range limitations of digital sensors actually a limitation or is it more accurate to the dynamic range the human eye can perceive on average?
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ooo. Well. You've touched on an interesting observation, and one that I'm not overly familiar with.

To touch on this question: Is there any consistency in how people perceive color range? I would say, There is enough consistency for there to be general agreement on things like, say, traffic lights, caution signs, and the like. But for those who do experience different acuity, ranges, or perceptions, it must not seem fair on some level. Being in the minority means they are the ones who have to cope, learn that the top light is red and they must stop when it's lit up, green is on the bottom and when it's on they can go, even without perceiving the actual colors.

I can't speak about digital sensors, or even HDR. But I agree, it's an interesting observation, and it must have been illuminating for you to suddenly *see* how she does.
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Cool learning experience...thanks for sharing
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